TOWA Bon Bon Chocolat
Our chocolates are designed in Japanese style and wrapped in kimono patterns of off-on (和風音) which makes perfect harmony of traditions and innovations.
Each design has a message to deliver for your very special person.
Please combine your favorite patterns add your feelings to the wrap and give as a precious present.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ扇
    • フレーバー:柚子
    • 原材料:柚子(愛媛)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「飛躍」「発展」「繁栄」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • At the moment when you taste this chocolate, the scent of yuzu spreads all over your mouth. The taste which is not just simple sweetness and aroma. More mixed taste with the charm of milk chocolate is attractive. The charm of this flavor is not just plainly sweet or fragant but is made much more complex by adding milk chocolate.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ鱗
    • フレーバー:ほうじ茶
    • 原材料:ほうじ茶(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「社会的身分が高い人」「魅力的な方」「厄除け」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • The nutty flavor is born from the mix of savory taste unique for Hojicha and chocolate, and fragrant aroma, moderate sweetness and flavor makes you feel nostalgic. savory taste unique for Hojicha combined with chocolate.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ分銅繋ぎ
    • フレーバー:きなこ
    • 原材料:大豆(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「おしとやか・上品な方」「商売繁盛」「学業向上」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • Delicate flavor of kinako put to it’s maximum for making the most of it, we use milk chocolate for base, gentle sweetness complemented with the flavor of kinako as an expansive taste and finished like an elegant Japanese sweet.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ菱
    • フレーバー:宇治抹茶
    • 原材料:抹茶(宇治抹茶)京都宇治
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「正義感の強い方」「高貴」「上品」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • Milk chocolate is used for the exquisite balance of fragrance and bittersweetness unique for Uji Matcha. It ends with a bittersweet taste.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ籠目
    • フレーバー:黒ゴマ
    • 原材料:柚子(愛媛)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「儀礼・形式的」「固定概念に捉われない方」「魔除け」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • We wrapped the fragrant flavor of black sesame spreading throughout the mouth at the moment of putting it in and the rich and strong flavor in gentle taste of the milk chocolate, so it is finished with a great balance.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ矢絣
    • フレーバー:生姜
    • 原材料:生姜(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「繁栄」「長寿」「旅立たれる方」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • The moment you taste it the flavor of ginger spreads all over the mouth. It is mixed with dark chocolate. It is a mature chocolate complemented by the sweetness of ginger for the better bitterness.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ亀甲
    • フレーバー:はちみつ
    • 原材料:はちみつ(愛媛)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「延命長寿」「無病息災」「人柄・人間性が立派な方」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • The marvelous flavor creates wonderful harmony and lures you to the luscious world as you taste this bittersweet chocolate with sweet smell of honey. Chocolate for tasting scent. So it can be enjoyed not only as a dessert, but also in many various ways. It goes well even with sake.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ立涌
    • フレーバー:さくら
    • 原材料:桜さがほのか(佐賀)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「正義感の強い方」「社会的地位の高い人」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • As you taste it you can feel the aroma of cherry blossoms . In this combination of sakura and chocolate, we can feel the original harmony.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ青海波
    • フレーバー:梅酒
    • 原材料:梅酒(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「延命長寿」「無病息災」「人柄・人間性が立派な方」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • The plentiful fragrance and sweetness of plum wine is a bit salty , and milk chocolate brings together the whole taste. This flavor is familiar , but refreshing . This chocolate is made from Japanese unique liquor, it has a mature flavor.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ麻の葉
    • フレーバー:山椒
    • 原材料:山椒(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「平和で幸せになって欲しい」「子供の成長」「健康」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • The bitter chocolate taste , sansho fragrance and sweetness make an exquisite balance. Refined chocolate taste.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ唐草
    • フレーバー:和三盆
    • 原材料:さとうきび(国内)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「人との繋がり・ご縁を大切にされる方」「繁栄」「長寿」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • It is characterized by the elegant aftertaste wrapped in the natural sweetness of natural Wasanbon and also in the bitterness of the dark chocolate spreading from the inside.

    • 商品名:ボンボンショコラ松
    • フレーバー:わさび
    • 原材料:わさび(国産)
  • 柄に込められた想い:
  • 「無限の発展」「緑の繋がり」「長寿」「成熟」
  • 【味の特徴】

  • It melts in your mouth with a sweetness of chocolate, spreading the refreshing flavor of wasabi. The flavor of wasabi enhances the taste and finishes it with the exquisite balance.