纏 | Matou
Polished was, wears the Kyoto of beauty and sensibility.
We have a mission to create new values and spread them to many people all over the world. As much as we can, as we have preserved the culture and traditions of Japan. TOWA was born in Kyoto, created with care and polished with time and in a long term of four passing seasons.
包 | Tsutsumu
TOWA のチョコレートには、それぞれに伝えたい想いが込められています。慶事や祝い事、日常の中で気持ちを伝えたい伝えたい大切な人へ、想いを組み合わせて包み、贈る。日本人が持つ、相手を思いやる
Wrap the feelings you want to convey to an important person, I give.
Every piece of Towa chocolate has a message you want to tell someone someone special. In an auspicious event, in celebrating events or even in daily life, you wrap up your heart and give the gift of love to the people you care for.
Brand Story
固有の伝統を守りながら、新たな価値を見出すことで次の世代に伝える、KIMONO BRAND「和風音」の革新的な着物デザインにインスピレーションを受け、スイーツブランド「TOWA」は生まれました。


日本・京都文化の彩りと風味の贅沢な調和 —-
TOWA は、大切な想いを届けたい人に贈るための、ちょっと贅沢なチョコレートです。
Kimono and chocolate of marriage is It leads to the inheritance of a new culture.
While protecting the unique tradition, convey to the next generation by finding a new value, Inspired by the innovative kimono design of KIMONO BRAND “Japanese style sound”, Suites brand “TOWA” was born. Sweet Bland “TOWA” was born from getting inspirations by innovative Kimono designs of KIMONO BRAND OFF-ON which has inherited them to new generations to find out new value with preserving the unique traditions.
Chocolate meets senses of colors, sensibility, patterns, beautiful design of Kimono and the sense of taste.
The rich harmony of flavor and colorful culture of Kyoto, Japan. TOWA is the chocolate you can gift for people you care.
小川 修平
Shuhei Ogawa
Steatment (declaration) will go about TOWA launch. In modern times, why kimono is no longer in those familiar. What is the “tradition of the kimono” should be proud as a Japanese for “will lead to the next generation” is necessary. Efforts of such from the question to our kimono was started. Kimono can be said to be a symbol of the important traditional culture for the Japanese. However, the culture will be lost little by little, the opportunity to touch the kimono will continue to reliably reduced. In order to put the brakes on this reduction , while protecting the good with the kimono, we must spread the kimono culture to the younger generation. I feel so strongly.